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Powertrain Repairs

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A vehicle's powertrain transmission is an essential part and contains everything that enables the vehicle to move, including the transmission but not the engine of the vehicle. Because the powertrain is so important, regular powertrain repair and maintenance is a necessary component of preventative powertrain issues.

A number of things can cause a powertrain to malfunction or fail, so it is important to do your research when looking for a transmission repair shop that knows exactly what they're working with. General Transmission has the experts with the knowledge and experience to fully investigate any powertrain issues and accurately assess the solution to the problem. General Transmission provides Reno, Sparks, and Truckee with transmission repair and rebuilds, but we are also experts in powertrain repairs and service.

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General Transmission is the leading specialist for powertrain transmission repairs and radiator for the Reno, Sparks, and Truckee areas. We are proud to have quality performance transmissions the best powertrain repair costs in the area.

Premier 4x4 Repair in Reno

  • The differential and transfer case are two of the least understood vehicle components. For many drivers, it’s out of sight and out of mind. They don’t realize how important it’s been until they’re forced to get a Reno 4x4 repair. We want drivers to know that preventive maintenance services for your vehicle’s differential will go a long way. Taking your vehicle into our transmission repair shop for routine maintenance will protect you from suffering costly repairs and breakdowns. Our team knows how to maintain your vehicle’s differentials and transfer case with clean oil for gear lubrication, and thorough inspections to remove debris, sludge, and old oil.

Quality Differential and Case Repair Maintenance

  • Your vehicle’s differential is designed to keep your wheels spinning at the correct rate around every corner. As you make a turn, your outside tires rotate at a slightly slower speed. Therefore, the differential must channel power to wheels to keep them spinning at the appropriate rate. Your vehicle’s differential sits on the axle between the two tires along the drive shaft. Whether you’re driving a front-wheel drive vehicle, rear-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive, the differential manages to channel power to the slower turning wheels. The differential will be sitting between the front tires on the axle for front-wheel drive vehicles. For rear-wheel drive vehicles, it will sit on the rear axle between the rear tires. On a four-wheel drive vehicle, you have two differentials and a transfer case that will channel power to both differentials.

Thorough Differential Inspection–Checking and Sealing Leaks

  • The transfer case is found in vehicles with four wheel drive. It channels power to the differential, but it does it for two different axles, affecting four different tires. If you’re driving a four-wheel drive, your transfer case requires the same level of maintenance that your differentials do. Make sure you go to a transmission repair shop that has an experienced professional that will monitor your four wheel drive’s differential performance. There are typically no causes for concern, but depending on the use of your four wheel drive, mishaps and malfunctions can become a problem. Allow the experts at General Transmission to inspect your vehicle’s differential and transfer case. The cost of replacing a differential is much more than a routine inspection or maintenance service. All it takes is a quick check from the best place for transmission repair and a quick thumbs up to be on the safe side. It cannot be stressed enough how important your vehicle’s differential and transfer case services are.

Schedule Your Differential and Transfer Case Service

  • Today is as good a day as any to take your vehicle into our transmission repair shop to make sure your vehicle’s differential is operating appropriately. Most drivers are forced to think about their differential and transfer case, but it's usually too late by then. The repairs are an absolute necessity, all it took was a little preventive maintenance. If you are on the hunt for transmission shops in Reno, Sparks, or Truckee, give us a call today so we can make sure you and your vehicle’s differential is on our radar. Schedule a time that works best for you, and we’ll make sure you’re in and out of our transmission repair shop in no time. We know how to make sure you’re never left without a high-performance vehicle.

4x4/Transfer Case Repair

  • Safety is everything. An improperly functioning 4x4/transfer case can leave you stranded in the middle of a snow storm or in the mountains. At General Transmission in Reno, we can diagnose and repair your 4x4/transfer case whether it's electronic or internal. If your transmission needs to be built/replaced, our transmission repair shop can provide you with plenty of options and usually at a better price compared to other transmission shops in Reno, Sparks, and Truckee. All of our repairs comes with a 2 year and/24,000 mile warranty.

Clutch Repairs

  • Stop by General Transmission for a premier Sparks clutch repair service. We use only the highest quality of clutch that matches best with your car and driving. Companies like LUK, Valeo, Exceedy are building better and stronger clutches that can save you money by not having to always replace it with the cheaper brands. With our resources and research, we can match the best clutch for your vehicle, that way you are not just stuck with one option.

Radiator Replacement

  • Your vehicle’s radiator isn’t just for your engine as it shares with transmission cooler. An improper flowing transmission can easily be missed causing your transmission to rise in temperature and wearing a lot quicker. We take every step to ensure that you have a properly flowing transmission radiator and/or cooler with our premier radiator replacement services in Reno.

Other Repairs

  • Differentials
  • Drive lines
  • U-joints
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Great service!! Could not figure out what was wrong with my truck and these guys got it done for me. Saved me tons of money. Very friendly service and very welcoming of all my questions. Thanks guys for awesome service that is hard to find.

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Pete went out of his way to help me find out what was wrong with my truck while on vacation. It became clear it wasn't the transmission but a wiring harness when he connected it to the scope. I went to the GMC BUICK DEALERSHIP & A1 Transmission shops and wasn't treated very well.

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Had my transmission rebuilt at General transmission for my Isuzu trooper last month and was very satisfied. The owner Pete and his crew are great! They are honest, friendly,&knowledgeable! Pete will give you the best quotes in town and most important is they are a A.T.R.A. shop.This accreditation is a MUST in shopping for transmission work.

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I brought my 2008 minivan in for diagnosis. I was prepared for the worst. The owner Pete inspected the car and after about 20 min or so he said it was a minor fix and recommender a transmission flush too. (Which has never been done.)About 380$ total worth of work. I haven't had the work done yet but I plan to and will update, also The shop is nice and seems very secure if you plan on leaving your car. The woman at the desk was very nice and helpful as was the owner. I would recommend.

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Came in stressed with a Volvo that has been attempting to bankrupt me this past year, and Chuck and Pete really took care of me. They did the work in only about 4 business days, and they charged me quite a bit less than a competitor had offered. Would do business with again! A+

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My Jetta was having issues in second gear that would cause my car to suddenly (and dangerously) decelerate the first few minutes after starting and driving it after it. Peter was very helpful in diagnosing the problem (valve body) and explaining what was going wrong. Now my car has the responsiveness that it used to have! I highly recommend this shop for its friendly, fast service.

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Fantastic service!!!! Pete truly went above and beyond. My transmission went out when I was camping 20 miles out side of Truckee Ca. Pete came out on a Sunday and picked up my truck. And to top it off I picked up my truck on Tuesday. I can not thank Pete and his crew enough. They are fast ,friendly, and fair. I will recommend them to everyone i know. Thank you..