Up to 3 years / 100k Nationwide Warranty Available

Transmission Repair Reno / Sparks

General Transmission can repair, rebuild, or service your transmission

At General Transmission in Reno, NV our technicians perform expert and affordable maintenance and repair on automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, and all gear train components. We understand exactly how your vehicle’s transmission operates, and will be able to diagnose and repair your transmission issues, or prevent them from happening in the first place! Our friendly and approachable technicians will help you understand how to extend the life of your transmission and how to care for it properly, so you can avoid costly repairs. If you are looking for transmission repair services in Reno, Sparks or the Northern Nevada area, trust General Transmission for all your transmission repair needs.

  • Diagnostics
  • Transmission services starting at $120
  • Free towing up 100 miles – with reasonable rates after that
  • Rebuild & Service Transfer Cases
  • Rebuild & Service Differentials
  • 4×4 Repair
  • Gear Train Repair and Maintenance
  • Clutch Repair for Standard Transmission Vehicles
  • Service for Front Wheel Drive Vehicles
  • Service Rear Wheel Drive Vehicle Drive Shafts
  • Nationwide ATRA Warranty

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Transmission Reno

Transmission Repair Sparks NV

General Transmission is a specialized repair shop dealing with transmission service reno nv. We are the area's leading repair shop for repairs and servicing of vehicles with transmission problems. Perhaps your transmission just needs routine maintenance and is older or more worn, or if there is severe repair work to be done we are a fully qualified transmission rebuild shop. Trust the area's best transmission shop in Reno NV

Transmission Diagnostics
  • As vehicle operating system become more complex, and as technology advances it is important to have the right equipment and training when diagnosing a vehicle. At General Transmission we take our diagnostics the extra mile to ensure that the correct repair is being done, and with our dedication and experience in the industry we can perform repairs that can save you time and money.
Transmission & Powertrain Service
  • At General Transmission Reno we take pride in doing things right, and that even includes transmission and gear train service. Here you will never find a transmission flush machine in our shop cause we want to take our time and perform the services methodically by dropping the pan and inspecting the pan, replace the filter and insert highest grade of synthetic transmission fluid. Beyond that we check your complete powertrain and ensure in the end you have safe reliable vehicle.
Transmission Repairs
  • Not everything is rebuild/overhaul, if diagnosed and researched correctly some transmissions can avoid major expenses by simple repairs. With our dedication in training and proper equipment we can go further that other repair shops who aren’t specialized in transmissions. A simple service, computer reflash, valve body upgrade/ valve body replacement etc can fix your vehicle as where non specialized transmission shops will go for complete transmission replacement.
Transmission Rebuild / Remanufacture
  • At General Transmission we take pride in our builds and they start with our employees. Our Rebuilder and Techs are some of the best in Reno, Sparks and Northern Nevada and our always update in training and tackling new challenges as vehicle get more complex. When we rebuild your transmission we just don’t replace bad instead we tear down your transmission completely and inspect where and what the failure is. From there all the parts are cleaned through our high pressurized tank and all soft and worn hard parts replaced with new or better. When we rebuild we use only the highest quality of parts and update known components in the transmission, meaning you will get a better shifting and longer lasting transmission.
  • We have a standard 2 Year and/or 24,000 mile warranty on our rebuilds, with an optional 3 year/100k nationwide warranty.
Heavy Duty Transmission Rebuilds
  • Whether it’s for fun or for work we can build your transmission to meet your needs. If you are towing and/or for heavy use we can rebuild with stronger components, change shift patterns, boost pressure hydraulically and much much more.
  • Read more about heavy duty transmission rebuilds.
Manual Transmission
  • That’s right we do Manual Transmissions, as they become more extinct we still seeing them more than ever come through our shops. As our commitment to the power train industry we are all ways up to date on our builds, our tools/equipment and suppliers. Whether you have a Subaru to Dodge Diesel we got you covered.
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Great service!! Could not figure out what was wrong with my truck and these guys got it done for me. Saved me tons of money. Very friendly service and very welcoming of all my questions. Thanks guys for awesome service that is hard to find.

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My Jetta was having issues in second gear that would cause my car to suddenly (and dangerously) decelerate the first few minutes after starting and driving it after it. Peter was very helpful in diagnosing the problem (valve body) and explaining what was going wrong. Now my car has the responsiveness that it used to have! I highly recommend this shop for its friendly, fast service.

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Came in stressed with a Volvo that has been attempting to bankrupt me this past year, and Chuck and Pete really took care of me. They did the work in only about 4 business days, and they charged me quite a bit less than a competitor had offered. Would do business with again! A+

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Had my transmission rebuilt at General transmission for my Isuzu trooper last month and was very satisfied. The owner Pete and his crew are great! They are honest, friendly,&knowledgeable! Pete will give you the best quotes in town and most important is they are a A.T.R.A. shop.This accreditation is a MUST in shopping for transmission work.

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Fantastic service!!!! Pete truly went above and beyond. My transmission went out when I was camping 20 miles out side of Truckee Ca. Pete came out on a Sunday and picked up my truck. And to top it off I picked up my truck on Tuesday. I can not thank Pete and his crew enough. They are fast ,friendly, and fair. I will recommend them to everyone i know. Thank you..

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I brought my 2008 minivan in for diagnosis. I was prepared for the worst. The owner Pete inspected the car and after about 20 min or so he said it was a minor fix and recommender a transmission flush too. (Which has never been done.)About 380$ total worth of work. I haven't had the work done yet but I plan to and will update, also The shop is nice and seems very secure if you plan on leaving your car. The woman at the desk was very nice and helpful as was the owner. I would recommend.

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Pete went out of his way to help me find out what was wrong with my truck while on vacation. It became clear it wasn't the transmission but a wiring harness when he connected it to the scope. I went to the GMC BUICK DEALERSHIP & A1 Transmission shops and wasn't treated very well.