Winter in Reno brings with it an array of picturesque snow-laden landscapes, but it also demands a lot from our vehicles, particularly the transmission system. Given the central role the transmission plays in your vehicle’s functionality, seasonal care becomes paramount. Who better to turn to for advice than Reno’s very own transmission specialists at General Transmission?

The Importance of Transmission Care in Winter

As the temperature drops, the transmission fluid can thicken, making it harder for it to circulate through the system. This can result in less efficient gear shifts and can even lead to damage if not addressed. Moreover, the challenges of driving in snow and ice can place additional strain on your transmission. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your vehicle’s transmission is winter-ready.

General Transmission’s Diagnostic Excellence

Accurate diagnostics are the first step towards efficient transmission maintenance. As vehicle operating systems become more intricate, the diagnostic process demands a blend of advanced equipment and seasoned expertise. General Transmission, with its legacy in Reno and surrounding areas like Sparks and Carson City, offers top-notch diagnostics. They go the extra mile, ensuring that the correct repair is identified right from the start, saving both time and money.

Transmission & Powertrain Service in Reno

While many shops might resort to shortcuts, General Transmission prides itself on a thorough approach. You won’t find a quick flush machine at their facility. Instead, they take the time to methodically service the system—dropping the pan, inspecting it, replacing the filter, and filling it up with premium synthetic transmission fluid. This ensures that the entire powertrain, and not just the transmission, functions optimally, providing drivers with a safe and reliable vehicle.

Understanding Transmission Repairs in Reno

A transmission issue doesn’t always signal the need for a complete overhaul. At times, a minor repair or an upgrade might be all that’s required. For instance, a simple computer reflash or a valve body replacement could suffice. General Transmission’s dedication to continuous training and the right equipment ensures that such nuances aren’t overlooked. Their commitment is evident in their ability to identify the right fix, contrasting with general auto shops that might recommend unnecessary replacements.

The Art of Rebuilding

A testament to General Transmission’s expertise is their approach to transmission rebuilds. They don’t merely replace; they delve deep. Every part is meticulously inspected to identify the failure point. Then, using high-grade parts and updating known components, they ensure that the rebuilt transmission offers smoother shifts and an extended lifespan. Whether it’s a regular or heavy-duty transmission rebuild, the quality assurance remains unparalleled.

Special Mention: Heavy Duty and Manual Transmissions

Towing or heavy usage demands a robust transmission system. General Transmission can enhance your transmission with stronger components, tweak shift patterns, and make hydraulic modifications to cater to these heavy-duty requirements. And for those who still harbor a love for manual transmissions, the good news is General Transmission has expertise there too! From Subarus to Dodge Diesels, they have your back.

Winter preparation for your vehicle, particularly the transmission, isn’t just a recommendation; it’s a necessity. With decades of experience and a commitment to quality, General Transmission stands as Reno’s beacon for transmission care. From its founding by Vasken Attashian to the present-day operations under Peter Attashian, the establishment has earned the trust of its community. So, as winter approaches, make the wise choice: let General Transmission guide your vehicle to optimal winter performance.

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