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Foresighted, Loyal to Industry & Family

As originally seen in Transmission Digest Magazine

Pete Attashian strives to elevate his transmission shop to “new-generation” status, expanding his reach, cultivating the best employees, making the most of current marketing and research techniques.

His father, Vasken Attashian, founded the business in 1994, setting a tone of honesty and service. Pete began working in the shop in 2012, at age 25, and Vasken has retired.

Pete’s goals for General Transmission, well established in Reno, Nev., call for branching out. “My business plan isn’t built for Reno; it’s for northern Nevada and part of California. I’m more focusing on the rural parts of Nevada,” Pete said, mentioning mining areas and tourism places like Lake Tahoe. “In rural areas, they don’t have many choices.”

One more way to grow the business involves not competing with other transmission shops. “Another goal is to get as much business as I can from auto dealers and auto repair shops instead of taking it from transmission shops I vow never to take business from transmission shops,” he said. Referrals come from Reno and wider areas.

“We want to stay loyal to our industry, which is transmission and powertrain repair.”

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