If you notice strange engine noises coming from the hood of your vehicle, it may be time to visit a Winnemucca transmission repair shop. One of your first thoughts, when you hear your vehicle start making strange noises, is probably hope that it’ll just go away on its own. Then, you listen for a few days and when the noise persists, you know it’s time to bite the bullet and bring it to the shop. 

It’s important to know the difference between the varying engine noises you might hear coming from your vehicle. This can help you determine the best option for repair. Here are some of the different engine noises and what they could be caused by.

mechanic open hood broken down

Squealing or chirping noises

You’ll typically hear squealing or chirping noises occur when accelerating or starting the engine. If you have an older vehicle, this noise usually means there is a loose or worn accessory belt somewhere in your vehicle. These belts provide the proper function of engine parts such as the alternator, power steering pump, and air conditioning system. 

If you have a newer vehicle and you start hearing squealing or chirping noises, you more than likely need to have the serpentine belt replaced. The serpentine belt is designed to simultaneously help drive other components of the vehicle. These belts often control other parts of the vehicle and should be regularly maintained. 

Knocking or pinging sounds

If your vehicle’s engine starts making knocking or pinging sounds, it’s more than likely related to an ignition problem. These noises occur when fuel ignites inside the cylinder and may be caused by several different things. For instance, you could have a bad fuel filter, a faulty fuel injector, damaged spark plugs, or a bad distributor cap.

Ticking or clicking noises

Ticking or clicking noises are related to the parts of your vehicle that move in a reciprocating motion (either up and down, or back and forth). Pistons and tire rods move like this, and the ticking sound you hear often comes from either of these parts. The most common reasons for the noise are:

  • Low oil
  • Worn struts
  • Worn fuel injectors
  • Bad pushrods

Popping or snapping sounds

If you notice popping sounds while turning, it could mean that the CV (constant velocity) joints on your vehicle’s front axle need to be replaced. If you hear popping sounds and you aren’t turning your vehicle, it could indicate a different issue. The noise is usually related to:

  • A dirty air filter
  • Worn spark plugs
  • Internal ignition malfunctions related to wiring, etc. 
  • A clogged air filter

Rattling or rumbling noises

Rattling or rumbling may or may not be related to the engine. Rattling heard coming from the back of your vehicle could indicate an exhaust problem. If this is where the noise is coming from, it could mean that your exhaust system has a hole in it. If you notice rattling coming from the front of your vehicle, it could indicate a problem with your catalytic converter, which may end up needing to be replaced.

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