The manual transmission is becoming less and less popular while its automatic counterpart is conquering the auto world. Both of them are equally complicated and sometimes do require repair. Knowing the difference between the two can help you understand why manual transmission repair Reno is substantially different from automatic transmission repair.

The Major Difference

The major difference between manual and automatic transmissions is the way the car shifts gears. If you have a car with automatic transmission, the computer decides when to change gears without your assistance. In a car with manual transmission, it’s up to you to decide when the time for shifting is ideal. Accordingly, when it comes to automatic transmission repair, it’s somewhat more complicated than manual.

Automatic Transmission: Advantages

  • The automatic transmission is easy to use. It’s a big advantage for inexperienced drivers, who use all of their attention to focus on the road. The manual transmission is more distracting for many drivers.
  • If you live in a city where high traffic is a common occurrence, driving an automatic transmission is much easier and less frustrating. The manual transmission forces you to change gears every time you start and stop while driving, which can be rather annoying if you are stuck in traffic and moving an inch at a time.
  • If you drive with kids, you know how often they need you to hand them something. The automatic transmission allows you to have a free hand to do some chores inside the car.
  • New automatic transmissions can change gears faster than a human being can. This is a useful option for the times when you need to accelerate quickly.

Manual Transmission: Advantages

  • Cars with manual transmissions often offer better gas mileage. Since the driver controls the RPMs, the engine is less stressed and the car uses less gas. The average difference in the gas mileage is 4 MPG.
  • A manual transmission offers you better control of your vehicle. You can slow your car down by downshifting instead of breaking. This can be a very useful option in a hilly area since it saves your brakes from overworking and needing their own repairs.
  • Manual transmissions are less complicated. That’s why manual transmission repair Reno is less expensive than repair costs for an automatic transmission.
  • In most cases, a car with a stick shift is cheaper. You can save up to $1000.

The Verdict

  • Automatic transmission is more convenient while manual transmission is less expensive.
  • An automatic transmission is more suitable for driving in a metropolitan area while manual transmission is great for highways and car races.
  • An automatic transmission is more expensive to repair while the clutch might need to be replaced more often in manual transmissions.

If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider a manual transmission since the car costs less, saves you gas, and is cheaper to repair. If you are not limited by a budget, an automatic transmission is a great choice since it’s convenient and easy to use. Visit transmission shops in your area to get their expertise on what is best for you.

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