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Transmission failure can be a nightmare. One moment you’re driving across 395 and your car is fine, then suddenly it’s leaking fluid or making noises you’ve never heard before. You have a transmission problem. What follows is searching for good transmission shops in Carson City that won’t charge you costly repair fees.

At General Transmission, we want to make finding a transmission repair shop in Carson City easy. Here is our list of the best qualities and features to look for in a Carson City transmission repair shop.

Free Towing for Up to 100 Miles

You never know when your transmission is going to fail. We believe a transmission mechanic should help you in any way possible, including picking up your car wherever it breaks down. At General Transmission, we provide free towing for up to 100 miles. We believe a transmission mechanic should help you in any way possible, including picking up your car wherever it breaks down.

Affordable Service Price

If you’ve had your car serviced at different mechanics, then you’ve probably noticed that the bill for the same service may be drastically different across the different mechanics. We believe Carson City transmission shops shouldn’t overcharge you for simple repairs and tune-ups.

Full Range of Servicesout-of-focus mechanic wearing grey overalls handing car key chain with fob

Sometimes, your car’s transmission failure may need more work than just a simple fix. Some mechanics can only provide simple fixes, requiring you to find a different shop to service your vehicle. A great transmission shop is equipped with the knowledge and the capabilities to service any kind of car. Furthermore, a transmission mechanic should also be able to service any kind of transmissions, such as rear-wheel drive, manual, or heavy-duty transmissions.

A shop that also provides powertrain and clutch repairs doesn’t hurt either.

Nationwide ATRA Warranty

When looking for a Carson City transmission repair shop, check to see if they are an ATRA member. The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) is an international trade association for professional transmission repairmen. Members must adhere to ATRA’s code of ethics and standards to provide honest work. When you take your vehicle to a business that’s a part of ATRA, you’re promised professional service at an honest price.

Financing Options

You shouldn’t have to compromise the safety of your vehicle if you have trouble affording transmission repair. Most great transmission repair shops offer financing options for qualifying applicants to make affording a repair easier.

Need Transmission Repair in Carson City?

We not only believe in what makes a great transmission shop, we live by it. As an ATRA member, General Transmission is proud to offer free towing for up to 100 miles, a full range of affordable services, and financing options with CarCareOne and West Creek Financial. Contact us today to schedule your transmission appointment.

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