What is the Clutch Slave Cylinder?

The clutch slave cylinder plays an important role in vehicles with manual transmissions. The slave cylinder works in tandem with the clutch master cylinder to disengage the clutch and shift the transmission when the pedal is pressed.

When you’re experiencing symptoms of clutch slave failure, you may be in need of a repair. Here are some faulty clutch slave cylinder symptoms that will help you know when it’s time to schedule a service at General Transmission. 

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What Causes Clutch Master Cylinder Failure?

Low Brake Fluid

Your vehicle’s fluid reservoir can be the cause of multiple faulty clutch slave cylinder symptoms. Low fluid in the reservoir can make it difficult for the clutch slave cylinder to perform. Check for any leaks in the system.

It’s also possible for the fluid to get contaminated and affect your vehicle’s performance. Cloudy or dark fluid is a simple indicator of contaminated fluid. Often times, one of the rubber seals inside the slave cylinder has broken down and contaminated the brake fluid.


Always be aware of puddles developing underneath your vehicle or the engine bay. A puddle may indicate a leak in either the slave clutch cylinder or the master clutch cylinder. Check both cylinders for any cracks and give the bottom part (the “boot”, as it’s sometimes referred to) a squeeze to help spot any cracks that can go unnoticed. Furthermore, if the slave cylinder is wet then that’s a pretty good indication you have a leak. If the leak is particularly bad, you may find a change in the feel of the pedal as well.

Abnormal Clutch

A change in the clutch pedal is one of the best faulty clutch slave symptoms. If the pedal feels spongy, it may be an indication of a slave cylinder problem. The pedal may also stick to the floor when pressed, not allowing the clutch to properly disengage. If this occurs, immediately check for leaks or take your vehicle to a transmission repair specialist.

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If you would like to learn more about the symptoms of clutch slave cylinder failure, give General Transmission a call today. We’re a family-owned transmission repair shop in Reno, NV built on values and integrity. We’re more than happy to answer your questions!

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